Pollokshields Heritage Worship

    Trams in Pollokshields

          Photographs of Trams in Pollokshields


  • Scan 01Standard Car 66 approaching Shields Road, February 16, 1958
  • Scan 02Standard Car 779 passing Albert Road Academy, October 1959
  • Scan 03 ?Coronation? Car 1258 crossing Herriet St, 6 March 1960
  • Scan 04 ?Coronation? Car 1220 at Albert Cross, 4 June 1960
  • Scan 05Standard Car 883 and a ?Cunarder? pass at the junction with Matilda Road. Photo: R. B. Parr
  • Scan 06Open top ?white car? at Shields Road crossing c.1920 (no route numbers at this time.) Photographer unknown; from a contemporary postcard.
  • Scan 07?Cunarder? 1330 heading West, 9 April 1960. The ?Cunarder? trams were a post-war development of the Coronation trams, and were the last new double-deck trams to be built in the UK. The last all-new double deck car? built, No.1392, is preserved in Glasgow's Riverside Museum. Photo W.A.C. Smith
  • Scan 08?Cunarder 1324 passing Matilda Road, 4 June 1960
  • Scan 09Standard Car 363 westbound, passing Craig-Ard, 343 Albert Drive, 25 October 1958.
  • Scan 10Standard Car 579 at St Andrews Drive, 1 August 1955. Driver posing! Photo: R J S Wiseman
  • Scan 11Standard Car 363 westbound, passing Craig-Ard,, 343 Albert Drive, 25 October 1958.
  • Scan 12?Coronation? Car 1242, Shields Road crossing, 6 March 1960
  • Scan 13Cunarder? Car 1335 at the end of the single-line test track at Kenmure Street junction. The city-bound No.3 route left Albert Drive here and turned into Kenmure Street on its way to Eglinton Toll via Maxwell Road. June 1960.
  • Scan 14Refurbished ?Coronation? Car 1173 on the test track, August 1962. Photo: Geoff W. Ryder
  • Scan 15?Cunarder? 1369 on test track at Forth Street, 29 August 1960
  • Scan 16Coronation? car 1160 on test track at Kenmure Street junction.
  • Scan 17Preparations for the historical parade of trams at the closure of the Corporation Tramways system in September 1962. Car 1088, a single-deck ?room and kitchen car 672 and a horse-drawn car 543, all lovingly restored and repainted line up on the test track at Pollokshields East station. 8 August 1962. Note the replacement for the No. 3 tram, a No. 59 bus in the background?
  • Scan 18Cars 779, 1088, 672 and 543 in pristine condition. 8 August 1962.
  • Scan 19Cars 779, 1088, 672 and 543 in pristine condition. 8 August 1962.
  • Scan 20Cars 779, 1088, 672 and 543 in pristine condition. 8 August 1962.
  • Scan 21Car 543 is man-handled out of the Coplawhill Works (Tramway). Date as above.
  • Scan 22Two open-top cars at the Works. Probably pre-First World War. Photographer unknown, but possibly the Corporation itself.
  • Scan 23Works interior 1962. ?Cunarders? 1336 and 1377 looking rather the worse for wear. Note buses in the background?..
  • Scan 24Permanent Way maintenance Car 23 leaves the Works. 24 June 1960. (Hamish Stevenson appears on the right.) The sailors are a mystery!
  • Scan 25Driving School Car 1017 outside Coplawhill Works in the snow on 23 February 1958. This unique tram is now in the collection of Summerlee Industrial Museum, Coatbridge
  • Scan 26Works Car 16 at the junction of Barrland Street, 11 August 1959
  • Scan 27Two redundant ?Coronation? Cars, 1398 and 1195, being moved into the Barrland Street yards in September 1962. The red sandstone building behind, now Walker Woodstock premises, housed the Corporation Transport uniforms store.
  • Scan 28A view of the Barrland Street yards with Permanent Way Cars 19, 23, 21 and 16, 28 October 1961.
  • Scan 29Trams were occasionally decorated for special events. This one encourages men to join up during the First World War. Glasgow Corporation Tramways formed its own Battalion and their impressive Roll of Honour can be seen at the Riverside Museum.
  • Scan 30Another decorated car, a disguised PWD 27, outside the Works on 5 September 1959, advertises an exhibition at the Kelvin Hall.
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