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James Marr (1839-1913)

Twelve ApostlesResponsible for numerous villas including the Twelve Apostles.

James Marr was born on 29th September 1839 at Cambuslang to George Marr and Margaret Gardner. He first appears in the Glasgow Post Office Directory of 1886-87 with premises at 396 Parliamentary Road, Glasgow with his residence at Ben Ard, Prospect Avenue, Cambuslang. In 1894 he moved residence to Glencairn, Central Avenue, Cambuslang and in 1896 he moved his business premises to 1 Springkell Terrace, Pollokshields. He built 52 villas in West Pollokshields including what is known locally as the Twelve Apostles – the crescent of villas formed by Glencairn Drive, Glencairn Avenue and Terregles Avenue – which were designed by architect Alexander Petrie (c1836-1910). He also built villas on Hamilton Drive, Sherbrooke Avenue and Springkell Avenue as well as Dalkeith Avenue and Fleurs Avenue, Dumbreck. James Marr moved residence from Glencairn, Cambuslang to Pollokshields in 1901 when his new villa, Marr Lodge, at 101 St Andrews Drive was complete. The villa betrays the hand of Alexander Petrie. James Marr died age 73 on 30th March 1913 in a nursing home at 1 Blythswood Square, Glasgow.