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Shadows of the City Glasgow’s Lost Mansions and Houses
By Dan Sweeney
Publisher; Windan Press 2013 ISBN 978 0 9927148 0 2
Price £14.99

This is an impressive book of 231 pages, which lists 101 houses now lost to Glasgow. The format is of 2 pages to each house. In each there is initially an approximately half page picture of the property. The rest of that page and the facing page contain vignettes about the houses, owners and associated colleagues or kinsfolk. This obviates the necessity of constantly turning pages.

The houses are batched into 5 groups viz Glasgow Central, North, South, East and West. Each area has about 15 -20 houses. Within the relevant section there are 2 pages of photographs of people associated with the houses, in total 40.

The houses range from very impressive mansions to very modest looking houses. Demolition has taken place over a long time but surprisingly many have suffered this fate in the post second world war era right up to fairly recently. It is a great pity that a new use could not have been found for some as they would have enhanced the city landscape.

There is an extensive bibliography though statements in the text are not individually referenced.

All in all this is a very useful book for a local historian or anyone with an interest in Glasgow’s past. Such a person should have it on his or her bookshelf. It is on mine.

Reviewed on behalf of Pollokshields Heritage.
John Thomson 19th March 2014.