Pollokshields Heritage  

Hugh MacDonald, Rambles around Glasgow, 1854

"The picturesque little village of Pollokshields has recently sprung into existence, with a degree of rapidity which fairly rivals the go-ahead Yankee system of town development. This miniature community is composed of elegant cottages and villas, each edifice having its own belt of garden ground walled in, and tastefully planted in front with flowers and shrubs, and in the rear with kitchen vegetables. The greatest variety of architectural taste, moreover, seems to prevail in this rising suburban settlement…scarcely two of them are similar in design… each individual proprietor seems to have had his ideal in ‘stone and lime’ …. as unlike his neighbour’s as possible."

From both Sam Small’s ‘Greater Glasgow an Illustrated architectural guide’ and Ronald Smith’s ‘Pollokshields - Historical Guide and Heritage Walk