Pollokshields Heritage  



Trees GuideIn West Pollokshields Conservation Area trees, especially large mature specimens, are a valuable visual and ecological asset.

While most of the large trees are to be found in areas of public open space, or in footpaths, a great variety of planting in West Pollokshields occurs in privately owned gardens.

This tree cover is, however, in decline and many large trees are over-mature and suffering from Dutch Elm and other diseases. Others have been irreparably damaged by years of bad pruning practice including a form of 'pollarding' which results in unattractive 'shaving brush' heads. The City Council wishes to see this type of pollarding discontinued in conservation areas and would prefer phased removal of pollarded stumps and replacement planting with trees more suited to their locations (grant assistance may be available towards the cost of replacement planting).

Positive action by residents is required to ensure continuity of tree cover for the future, including new planting, good standards of ongoing care and maintenance of trees and long term management to ensure a wide variety of species at various stages of maturity (See Fig. 4).

Trees within conservation areas are protected by law and owners are required to give notice of intention to fell or carry out any pruning or branch removal. Notification should be made either in writing or by telephoning the Landscape Section of the Planning Department. (See Further Advice).

Tree care leaflets are available from the Landscape Section.