Pollokshields Heritage  



The stonework of most buildings in the area is in good condition and does not require extensive repair or even cleaning.

However, where stonework is badly eroded it should be cut back to a sound surface and 'indented' with new stone. In some circumstances, reconstituted stone or tinted render finishes may be an acceptable alternative.

Where stonecleaning is felt necessary, it should be carried out with great care, both in the selection of the cleaning technique, and in the execution of the works.

Chemical cleaning or a low-pressure wet abrasive method is preferred but dry sand-blasting is not permitted. For technical reasons the cleaning of red sandstone is not advised.

However, advice on the best stonecleaning methods is under review and it would be wise to check with the Planning Department for the best current advice.

Cleaning should only be carried out in conjunction with other works such as stone repairs, repointing, renewal of gutters etc.

Planning permission is required for all stonecleaning work.

Stonework should not be painted. Where it has been previously painted this should be removed to allow consideration of the most appropriate finishing treatment (This may include re-painting with a specialised mineral paint.)

Where wall finishes are in a material other than stone, advice can be obtained from the Conservation Section on maintenance and alterations.