Pollokshields Heritage  



Decorative cast ironwork such as gates. finials etc, should be retained, and the retention and reinstatement of railings along frontages is encouraged. Where original railings survive, new ones should match them as far as practicable, particularly in terms of height, spacing of uprights etc.

Railings fronting terraces should be of a uniform pattern. Ironwork will normally be painted black and should be repainted regularly to prevent deterioration.

                                                                          Railings 2

In West Pollokshields, substantial areas of cast iron railings were removed during the last war, leaving many front gardens edged only by low stone walls. Where residents wish to have a higher level of boundary treatment, it is suggested that some form of hedging such as beech would be most appropriate.

Stone gateposts should be retained and not painted.

                Gatepost 1                                  Gatepost2                              Gatepost 3

Stone retaining and boundary walls should be regularly checked for cracking and repairs carried out in stone to match existing.

The erection of gates, fences or boundary walls requires planning permission.